ROLEX Daytona


Below is a quick « check list » of what you should be looking at when considering a Daytona ref. 6263 Paul Newman aka. « Panda ».

It is estimated that about 18.000 Daytona ref.6263 in steel were produced (and another 18.000 of ref. 6265 in steel). Paul Newman dial version are likely to be 3% to 5% of the above numbers. There were 5 different variant of dials for this reference: The RCO mk1 & mk2 and the Panda mk1.0, mk1.5 & 2.0. They all belong to the 1st generation within serial range 2.08-3.05m (1969-72)

When buying a « Panda » check:

•Dial: check generation of lettering. The below are more based on statistics than any concrete knowledge from Rolex. Keep in mind this dial was not popular and often Rolex did send it seperately therefore a minor overlap between generation and serial range was not unusual.

Mk1.0: big R, thin letters serial 2.08-2.197m, dial color is cream

Mk1.5: R with long tail, thin letters serial 2.2-2.79m, dial color is white

Mk2.0: sherif letters serial 2.80-3.05m, dial color is white

•Crown: as per 6240 no dots just the crown

•Lumes: under UV light glow green & vanish after a few seconds (tritium) or blue (luminova) or nothing (bad..). All perfect or some melted or disappeared ? (Often 3h or/and 9h due to watchmakers work over the years)

•Pushers: mk1.0 are equiped with « Millerighe » prototype pushers. Mk1.5 are equiped with MK0. Mk2.0 have MK1 pushers (no line).

•Bezel: which generation? Original are MK1 only

•Case: check distance hole vs edge. Width of the lugs? Satin finish? Any stamp on the lugs?

•Engraved ref/numbers: check/compare. Any sign of repolish near the lugs/edges?

•Bracelet: original config was 7835 + end links 271

•Clasp year code matching serial period?

•Backcase: ref number? CRS? XXX? Movement number 727? Often early serial have 6262 6240 or 6239 backcase.

•Original papers: smell them! Can be printed or punched. Focus on the style of the guarantee which needs to match the period of the watch serial: « wave » border pattern from early 70s to about 1976 (4.5m serial or so). No country code at the right of the word « Garantie ». Booklets coming along the set also need to match (the language, the print year).

(This is not exhaustive – just a quick check list – in case you notice some inaccuracy please reach out. Rolex is a statistical gamer more than an exact science!)