Royal Oak electric blue aka «Yves Klein »

Ref. 14790st FULL SET

The Royal Oak was not a blast commercially back in 1972/73. Its proportions were unusual (39mm diameter / 7mm tickness) and its design very iconoclast. It took two years before they could sell the first 1000 pieces. In 1976 Audemars asked Jacqueline Dimier to rethink for ladies the 5402 and the little sisters 4100 (36mm) & 8638 (29mm) were born. It was decided in late 1980 to do a newer and better version of the 36mm with the 14790st which knew 3 generations of dials with a large variety of colors including special orders for important clients. It remained in production until 2006.

The current timepiece features an MK2 dial generation with an attractive electric blue. Collectors nicknamed it « Yves Klein » as this caracteristic color reminds the intense blue property of the French artist. It provides a unique personality to the watch and enhances further its natural wrist presence. Size = 36mm.

The case and bezel are in an absolutely superb condition for a 20 year watch.

Serial: E 03XXX from 1998

Movement: AP caliber 2125

Box & papers: full set with original certificate, box, cover box and extract for the archives.

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