ROLEX Daytona
Prototype « large Daytona » dial turned copper
Ref. 6240

It is estimated that about 1.750 Daytona of the 6240 reference were ever produced. It was the only Daytona reference produced in just 1 metal (steel). The reason is simple: the 6240 is a true prototype. It was made to answer the demand from Rolex’s clients for a true waterproof Daytona. The manufacture went through an iteration process explaning the 3 dial variants.

Initially at the end of 1965, Rolex decided to take the existing Daytona ref. 6239 and fit it with some new screw-down pushers « millerighe » (in italian « thousand lines ») by sawing the case. The rest of the 6240 is perfectly identical to the 6239 (« small Daytona dial » = type 1) with either 6h tritium dot on the « W » of « T SWISS T » for serial 1.2m or below the « T SWISS T » for serial 1.4m (which is the case of the present timepiece).

In late 1966 the 6239 dial featured a « large Daytona » (type 2) so are all the 6240 of that period. It is still not waterproof. The serial for that dial type is 1.4m to 1.6m. By mid 1967, the watch is finally waterproof and Rolex decided to celebrate this achievement by a new dial for the 6240 adding the word « Oyster »! This is the type 3 dial of 6240 and one year after (1969) this very same dial will be used for the launch of Rolex’s best seller: the Daytona 6263. The serial should (always use the conditional with Rolex) be exclusively 1.6m for this type 3 dial.

It should be noted that Rolex only communicated officially on the reference 6240 once it managed to achieve the waterproof. Hence only the type 3 dial was officially displayed for this reference on advertizing making timepieces with type 1 and type 2 dials true prototypes.

Serial: 1.659.xxx (1967)

Dial:  incredible what patina can do to sunray dials. This one turned into a warm copper tone. The positionning of the luminous at 6h below the « T SWISS T » is matching the 1.6m serial. The thin hand for second on the 9 o’clock subregister is also typical and original for this reference. Tritium luminous all react well under the UV test (glow green & vanish quickly) for both dots and hands.

Case: retains its original proportions and a good distance from the holes from the edges. The caseback is engraved 6240.

Pushers: original MK0 « millerighe » matching the period and original crown with no dots

Mouvement: Valjoux 722 and 5 lines engraved on the bridge are matching for the 1.6m serial

Bracelet: riveted oyster type 7205 although no engraving can be found on bracelet or end links. Clasp is from Q1 1964 (1 64)

Box & Papers: none >> Rolex travel pouch

This unique dial variation provides an immense extra soul to the watch.

PRICE:  // 125.000 EUR //