ROLEX Explorer II
« Freccione »
Ref. 1655

After the summits explored by the Explorer, the second version was meant to help spelunkers beneath the surface of earth. The main idea was to understand in a glance what time it is and if it was during the day or the night. This Explorer II  reference 1655 was produced between 1971 and 1984. Its commercial success was correlated to the popularity of the spelunking: slippery. Yet the watch became iconic due to its strong personality and unique features such as the 24h bezel in steel and the tritium heavy large orange arrow which brought the nickname « Freccione » from the italian « freccia » .

Serial: 5.49x.xxx (1978)

Dial: perfect condition black mate « Disco dial » of second generation (MK2) made by dialmaker Stern featuring the typical « frog foot » coronet. The numerous luminous material on the dial and on the hands are intact and quite clear in tone revealing the absence of humidity inside the case during the life of the watch. They are perfectly functionning: glow & vanish quickly. The date wheel is still very crisp with its slightly glittery appearance.

Case: 39mm of impressive condition retaining the exact original look and proportions. The beautiful satin finish can still be appreciated on the lugs and the bezel. The later is also featuring a second generation characteristics (MK2).

Movement: 1575 which is basically a 1570 movement with a date wheel added. Original caseback engraved 1655.

Bracelet: original Rolex oyster bracelet 78360 with 580 end links. Clasp engraved « VC » which is matching the serial for 1978.

Box & Papers: none

An absolutely stunning example of this Rolex marvel from the 70s.

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