« Double Swiss »
Ref. 1675

Following a change of regulation by the Atomic Energy Commission in the early 60s it was imposed to lower the radiation used in the dials. Rolex did not want to throw away all its pre-printed « SWISS » dials (meaning luminous in radium) and decided to signal the now compliant change of luminous material. On some dial they have put an exclamation point at 6h (on earlier ones in 1962) on some others a small horizontal grey/white line (the underline) and finally some got a variant of « double SWISS » as the watch we are proposing here. This is only correct for year 1963 and 1964.

Serial:   1,03x,xxx (1963/64) belongs to the accepted range of those rare & special dials  https://gmtmaster1675.com/type-b/

Dial:  superb « type B » gilt dial with « SWISS – T<25 & SWISS ». The tritium index are still perfectly glowing/vanishing under UV test. They have been stabilised with a binder to avoid any loss of tritium. Hands are matching the period (small GMT hand) and tritium.

Case:  thick with minor polishing history. Case back is engraved VI.63 for last quarter of 1963 matching the serial.

Bezel:  fat font bezel which turned into the sought after fushia & blue jean.

Mouvement:  Valjoux 1560.

Bracelet:  oyster bracelet 7206, 58 end links, slightly later clasp 4 65.

Box & Papers: none.

PRICE:  52.000 EUR