ROLEX PreDaytona

Gold 14k ref. 6238

ROLEX ref. 6238 « Pre-Daytona » 14k gold white dial in stunning condition.
Serial 1,69xxxx (1967) which makes it probably one of the very last produced. The 722 mouvement powering the watch tends to confirm that.

The 14k gold was for the US market only and this watch has indeed its original 14k elastic riveted bracelet with a US clasp C&I 7/62.
Inside the ROW engraved on the bridge confirms the US provenance.

This 14k gold allow is no longer available in the world and the market is not yet valuating this element to its true value.

The dial is the most amazing part with an hypnotic pearl like sundial, corn flakes colour tritium dots (3h missing with only tritium glue) and correct thin gold hand for seconds.

This is a truely rare watch and the remarkable condition makes it even more so. A massive collector.