ROLEX Submariner
«James Bond» transitional small crown MK2
Ref. 6536-1

Introduced in 1956, the 6536-1 is commonly considered a transitional model from Rolex’s earliest executions to the later ones of Big Crown 6538 versions. They are so similar that it has retained the ‘James Bond’ nickname. No crown guards, thinner profile and small crown of 6mm (vs 8mm for big crown) the 6536-1 has the perfect proportions allowing the owner to wear it with a swim suit or a business suit!

Serial: 399,xxx (1958)  mk2

Dial:  MK2 glossy gilt dial with typical more « golden » gilt lettering vs the MK1 version (more « silvery »). The mythical red triangle bezel is also characteristic of the MK2 version with the first 15 minutes being hash-marked (MK1 is non hash-mark). Given the condition and the strong glow of the pearl this bezel is probably a later albeit original Rolex Geneva. Hands perfectly match the color of the index. Radium is strongly reacting to the Geiger counter (video available).

Case: very strong with no evidence of polishing history. Original back case 6536-1 with « III.1958 » engraved (Q3 1958) matching the serial number period.

Movement: Valjoux 1030

Bracelet: elastic riveted Rolex bracelet with 80 end links and a later clasp from «1 66».

Box & Papers: none

A little marvel on the wrist. So much pleasure.

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