ROLEX Submariner ref. 5512 « underline » 4 lines Tropical

Rolex Submariner 5512 underline four lines SCOC single SWISS.
Glossy dial with roasted orange gilt lettering and white lettering. Underline at 6h. Single SWISS.
Puffy indexes. Serial 89xxxx (nov 1963 on back case).

Extremelly rare submariner 4 lines (superlative chronometer officially certified) with the underline configuration indicating the transitional change from Radium to Tritium (only in 1963).
This reflected the evolution of the regulation around radioactive materials in the early 60s.

Here the underline has pushed further down the « SCOC » text. Both added after the dial was produced. Rolex did not want to throw away those dials initially prepared to receive Radium indexes.

The present example aged in a magnificent way with gilt letters turning in a magic fire colour shade which makes the watch unique.

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