PATEK PHILIPPE Nautilus 3700/01A

The presented timepiece is one of the earliest example of an icon: the original Nautilus « Jumbo » sold for the first time in 1977. It matches the advertisement Patek Philippe did for the launch of the model featuring a very specific dial with a hashed minute track or « batons minute track ». To the present date only 34 of these have surfaced to the market obeying to specific movement and case numbers which makes them very rare and special. This one is even more rare and special: it has caught a magnificent golden hue usually qualified by collector as «tropical ». It comes with its extract from the archives confirming the correct numbers of the extremelly sought after first generation.

Serial/movement: 1,303,xxx/532.xxx (it has to be 1,303,xxx or earlier and 532.xxx).

Dial: Patek Philippe has asked to the designer Gerald Genta to come up with a deep blue/grey dial reflecting «the true color of the ocean» for this water sports watch. This first version (MK1) of the dial with a hashed minute track aka « batons minute track » was later replaced by dots from around Q3 1977 onwards. In the classification of the scholar mstanga in « a study of Patek Philippe Nautilus ref. 3700 » this is a dial «type 1». Estimations based on production assumptions of the 3700 in steel were that about 180 were made but so far only 34 surfaced! The dial has caught an incredibly beautiful golden hue which we had checked under microscope by publicly renowned experts. Unlike most of the other MK1 dials that have surfaced so far it has remained in a superb condition with some oxidations of the luminous material in the white gold indexes. Both hands and index luminous material appear to be tritium still reacting under UV light  (glowing green then quickly vanishing).

Case: incredible case and bezel condition. The bezel has iretained its initial thick proportions of the porthole pattern which is characteristic of the Nautilus reference. One of the last 3 digits of the case can be found in the hinge of the bezel. A refined evidence proving the originality of the bezel that one can only find with Patek.

Bracelet: large bracelet (/01A) is in good condition and although it losts the rigidity it had 45 years ago it is still standing up. 18 links.

A unique piece thanks to the tropical feature and immensely rare due to its MK1 dial generation. Crazy piece.

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