HEUER Carrera ref. 2448N

The watch presented is a pure racing chronograph here in a rare first execution long index from the second half of the 1960s. The N of the reference code is referring to « noir » meaning « black » in French.

Dial: beautiful and extremely clean matte black dial with golden lettering. T SWISS T indicates the use of tritium on both the hands and the dots between the index and the minute track. They still work perfectly fine (light in green and quickly vanish). You might find similarities with some ROLEX Daytona dials (6238 and most 62xx references) as both brand shared the same dialmaker SINGER and these references were made during the same period.

Case: the Carrera case is simply one of the most beautiful designed case of sports watches. The presented watch features a NOS gold plated 20 micron case from vintage Heuer department. The good thing about gold plated is that one CANNOT polish it. So no cheating! This is a true UNPOLISHED which is now featuring a heavy gold oxydation patina. Original crown with Heuer shield and the « sun » on the buckle. Diameter 35,5mm.

Mouvement: caliber Valjoux 72.

// Impossible to find // and completely undervalued when you compare with its ROLEX cousins.

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