World Time

5110P full set

This masterpiece carries no less than 80 years of « heure universelle » (« HU » movement for World Time) history. This complication is intrinsically linked to a talented Swiss watchmaker called Louis Cottier. He developped a movement allowing to display on a single dial the local time and the 24 time zones thanks to an astute inner rotating ring. Post World War II this very gentleman was commissionned by Switzerland to gift to Truman, Chruchill, DeGaulle and Staline 4 « world time » pocket-watches. After he managed to make his invention thin enough to fit a wristwatch, Patek Philippe was the first to use it in 1939 with its now mythical reference 1415. Several improvements later the famous brand ceased the production of the world time right after the death of Cottier in 1966. The current timepiece represents the revival of this prestigious line. Its 240 HU caliber was introduced in 1999 and the ref. 5110 was launched in 2000 and discontinued in 2006.

Serial / movement: 3,21x,xxx/4.26x.xxx (2005, sold in Portugal).

Dial: Sumptuous blue hand-guilloché motif inspired by Patek Philippe historical pocket watches marvels. This color is for the platinum case only. Specific lozenge hands.

Case: Perfect classic size (diameter 37mm, 3.88mm thickness) bringing elegance to the watch with a round shape, curved crown guards and polished platinum case. Perfect original condition.

Bracelet: original Patek Philippe leather bracelet and its platinum buckle (fold over) matching the case material.

Instant classic watch here in its most precious metal and full set that should belong to any curated collection.

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