Nautilus 3700 CHECK LIST

Below is a quick « check list » of what you should be looking at when considering a Nautilus ref. 3700. One -if not the very best- complete study to learn more about this fabulous reference was written by « mstanga » called « A study of the Patek Philippe ref. 3700 Nautilus »

It is estimated that 3300 Nautilus ref.3700 were produced of which 2600 of the large bracelet /01A and 700 of the slimmer bracelet /11A.

When buying check:

Reference /01A or /11A: telling how large the bracelet is. That reference is engraved in the case. Check if bracelet is standing up alone straight or collapsing. Are the links thick or thin (polished). Original had 23 links but it is fine for most wrists from 18 onwards.

Dial:  At 6h « σ SWISS σ » from 1976 to 81, « •σ SWISS σ• » from 1981 to 1990, « SWISS » for replacement dials, GENEVE or GENÈVE, minute track with batons (1st series 1976-77) or dots (1977-90), any mark on the dial (search with daylight an angle for any spot/stain).

Bezel: how polished? Is the flat portion of top/bottom equivalent to flat portion of vertical left/right? Are the edges pronounced with tilt angles. Can you see the last 3 digit of the case serial in the hinge of the bezel?

Clasp: if 1976-77 it is almost empty (brevete only). 1977-80 large clasp with Nautilus engraved. 1981-90 thin clasp with Nautilus engraved. If double with pitchfork shape it is replacement.

Calatrava: can you still see it wirth a relief or polished has shaved it?

Original papers: smell them! And check if the 4 letters code is on them proving the date it was made.

(This is not exhaustive – just a quick check list)

1. High resolution / good definition picture of the dial to see the text and count the ribs
2. Photo of all 4 lugs
3. Photo of bezel in daylight
4. Photo of movement not running (balance wheel + number)
5. Photo of the caseback
6. Photo of hinge of the bezel (to see if the 3 digit number matches last 3 of inner caseback)
7. Photo of crown
8. Photo of buckle engraving
9. Photo of clasp engravings
10. Photo of all papers recto/verso (original guarantee and service if any)
11. Photo of date wheel at 1, 7, 11, 21, and 31. Also 4 or 14
12. Photo of extract from the archives
13. Photo of bracelet stretch + of the watch standing on itself
14. Photo of inner caseback
15. Cork box : photos of inside / outside / engraving of the plate + weight of the cork box
16. Width/type of bracelet (16mm /01A or 14mm /11A)
17. Close up picture or the hands
18. Photo of the tip of the crystal (side angle with bezel)
19. Engraving on the back of the dial
20. Weight of the watch