ROLEX Daytona

6263/65 classic dial evolution CHECK LIST

Unlike the (fabulous) « Albino » 6263 on the left which was a prototype, pictures below are  a quick « check list » of what you should be looking at when considering a Daytona ref. 6263/65.

Details matter to check your timepiece’s components makes sense with the production period.

It is estimated that about 18.000 Daytona ref.6263 in steel were produced (and another 18.000 of ref. 6265 in steel). However there were different variant of dials for this reference: 1st generation, Sigma, Big Red sigma (transitional), Big Red, Small Red (replacement dial).

1st generation with no « Daytona » serial 2.08-3.1m (1969-72)

Sigma with no « Daytona » but at 6 « σT SWISS Tσ » large or small with serial 3.1-4.x (1972-76)

Sigma Big Red featuring both « σT SWISS Tσ » at 6 AND the red « Daytona » just above the lower subregister. Only observed in the 3.9-4.2m range and 5.2-5.5m range.

Big Red serial 4.x-Rxxxxxx (1976-88) with the red « Daytona » just above the lower subregister.


On the picture below you can also check the pushers and bezel generation matches your dial generation.