PATEK PHILIPPE Nautilus 3700/01A

Green dial large bracelet / full set

The presented timepiece is an original Jumbo from 1979 sold in 1982 in Lugano. It comes with its « certificate of origin » of the 2nd generation of papers which is consistent with the production period of the watch, the 4 letters PENT code (stands for 03/82 = March 1982), with cork box, cover box, red wallet, tag & booklets. The fresh extract from the archives confirms a manufacture in 1979 and date of sale of March 22nd, 1982.

Serial /movement 1,308,xxx/5.38x.xxx (1979).
Now let’s talk about the dial. The dial is … GREEN! Not an imaginary or shade of green. It is green full stop. These pronounced dial patina colors usually happen (when they do happen which is scarce) on « type 7 » dials as per the classification made by scholar mstanga « a study of Patek Philippe Nautilus ref.3700 ». It is also mint with zero defect and white gold applied indexes & hands. The tritium of the original hands has aged with more patina than the tritium indexes.

The case is nice and thick. The bezel retained the initial proportions of the characteristic Nautilus reference with its porthole pattern. The matching number in the hinge with the last 3 digit of the case indicates the bezel is the original one.

Large bracelet (/01A) with 19 links in overall good condition. It is estimated that only about 2500 Nautilus ref.3700 were produced with this large bracelet /01A. This one is probably among the last ones produced given the production date.

This is the real thing in a full set & beautiful version tilted with a very rare dial color.

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