PATEK PHILIPPE Nautilus « Jumbo » Tropical dial 3700/01A

The presented timepiece is an original Nautilus Jumbo manufactured in 1977 and sold in 1978. It comes with its fresh Patek Philippe extract from the archives confirming the numbers of the case and of the movement and its mythical cork box.

Movement/serial: 1,305,xxx/xxx.828

Dial: Patek Philippe has asked to the designer Gerald Genta to come up with a dial reflecting «the true color of the ocean» for this water sports watch. This ended up initially with a very dark blue/grey color. Some of these dial caught different patina with time. This one had a special destiny ending up in a unique piece of art thanks to its intense tropicalisation: the phenomenon known for catching this rusted hue color type. The vintage charm emanating is magnificent.

Case: very thick case highlighting a superb condition. The bezel has retained its initial thick proportions of the porthole pattern which is characteristic of the Nautilus reference.

Bracelet: large bracelet (/01A) in good condition is still managing to stand up. The first generation clasp is matching the production year. For collectors this bracelet is THE one to have as all the other bracelets were thinner (be it the next generation /11A or a dedicated Patek aftermarket bracelet). 18 links.

A complete wild example of an iconic watch. A true « statement watch » for discerning collectors.

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