PATEK PHILIPPE Nautilus 3700/11

Rare by the day. The presented timepiece is an original Jumbo sold in 1982. It comes with its cork box, authorized dealer service papers from 2015 and a Patek Philippe extract from the archives.

Serial/movement: 1,307,xxx/539.xxx

Dial: Patek Philippe has asked to the designer Gerald Genta to come up with a deep blue/grey dial reflecting « the true color of the ocean » for this water sports watch. This watch has retained its original color with no evolution of its patina since it was made. Absolutely flawless condition with applied indexes in white gold. Dial « type 3 » according to scholar mstanga « a study of Patek Philippe Nautilus ref. 3700 ».
The tritium luminous on both the original hands and indexes is still perfectly working (glow green and vanish).

Case: Superb condition. The bezel has its initial proportions of the porthole pattern which is characteristic of the Nautilus reference. The 3 digits in the hinge of the bezel are matching the case’s last 3 digits. A refined evidence proving the originality of the bezel that one can only find with Patek.

Bracelet: perfect thin bracelet (/11A) still standing up alone exhibiting its great condition. For some wrist this version is more confortable than the larger version. It is estimated that less than 900 Nautilus ref.3700 were made with this thinner bracelet /11A. 21 links.

An absolutely stunning example of a legendary watch that should belong to any curated collection.

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