ROLEX Daytona
« Sigma Big Red » transitional dial
Ref. 6263

You thought you knew it all about the « Big Red »? Here is a rare transitional dial between the « Sigma » period and the « Big Red » period. In the old days Rolex did not want to throw away dials that were already made for the previous version of their watches. Sigma dials were promoting the use of gold in the watches. The symbol of the association APRIOR (Association pour la Promotion Industrielle de l’OR or association for the industrial promotion of gold) was the greek letter sigma « σ ». The present watch is one of those few transition dial that existed.

Serial: 5.5x.xxx (1978)

Dial:  flawless and vibrant original silver dial. Big Red above the bottom subregister and the | σ | Τ |SWISS| Τ | σ | underneath it. Beautiful silver lettering offering a subtle yet sublim constrast in the sub registers. All the tritium dots are present and show some yellow patina. They all react well under the UV test (glow green & vanish quickly). The handset is also featuring original and matching aged tritium luminous.

Case: very thick proportions and sharp beveled edges with satin finish still visible. Distance of the holes from the edges is large & equidistant. Bezel mk3 matching the watch generation. Diameter 37.5mm

Pushers: original MK1 (no circular line) matching the period

Mouvement: Valjoux 727, manual winding.

Bracelet: oyster bracelet 78350/19, 571 end links.

Box & Papers: Rolex presentation cover box & box, punched paper, booklet, translation, calendar.

A rare catch and very « diplomat watch » as it has a bit for everyone who could not decide between the Sigma and the Big Red generation!

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