ROLEX Daytona

Zenith MK2 / MK2

« 4 Liner / 225 bezel »

Ref. 16520

« Zenith Daytona » appeared in 1988 with serial R having a floating « cosmograph » word on the MK1 dial. The presented watch belongs to the immediately following dial which is equally characteristic having only 4 lines of text as « officially certified » disappeared! Rolex considered the official certification was less stringent than its own accuracy tests (-2/+2s). But they quickly reconsidered as the mention came back the following year. The MK2 bezel was also specific with an intermediate 225 graduation that no other bezel have. This MK2 configuration was fitted on Zenith Daytona made between serial L2 and L7 (1989/90).

Serial :  L41xxxx (1990)

Dial :   remarkable condition for a black 4 lines MK2 dial with inverted 6. Those are usually in less good shape than their white counterparts.

Case :  superb case retaining its original proportions with thick lugs.

Movement : Zenith 4030 for Rolex

Bracelet :  78390 / 503 end links. Original clasp N4 from 1989. 12 links.

Box & Papers :  original punched guarantee sold in August 1990 by the Finnish retailer Oulu Koru in Oulu, booklets, calendar, tag, original box & cover box.

Highly collectible timepiece being the only Zenith Daytona featuring a non « text-heavy » dial and the very rare matching 225 bezel.

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