ROLEX Day-Date

White gold « Wood Dial » light Birch Briar Root

Ref. 18039

One could call the Day-Date the backbone of the Rolex line back in the days. It is probably the most produced watch of the brand and their most iconic reference along with the Daytona. The « watch worn by the people who guide the destinies of the world » to paraphrase an advertisement campaign from the 50’s. Nicknamed « the presidential watch ». So it carries a VERY serious and business look. Post 70s and the introduction of the « Stella » dial Rolex tried the natural raw material by excellence : wood. One of the most difficult endeavours in watchmaking. Only 1 out of 10 dials was going through the whole process!

Serial :  753xxxx (1982)

Dial :   Light Birch Briar Root with Mint Royal Blue with all original tritium perfectly passing the UV test (green flash and fade away). The hands have been serviced. The lettering are absolutely mind blowing igniting the dial under the sun.

Case :  Very thick. Satin finish all over. Most likely unpolished.

Movement : 3055

Bracelet :  18k white gold Rolex president bracelet for Day-Date

Box & Papers :  none

Truely spectacular watch

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