0101ROLEX GMT-Master
« Blueberry »
Ref. 1675

Rolex GMT-Master 1675 featuring matte dials range from 1966 until 1980. Among all of them one is the most enigmatic and for me the most beautiful: the famous « Blueberry ». Called as such thanks to its monocolor blue bezel instead of the traditional red/blue and its red arrow hand. Numerous theories exist about this variant from « never legit » to « most desirable ». One can argue there were simply too many of these « Blueberry » appearing to be an entire fantasy. Yet we believe in logic and facts. Rolex introduced an all black bezel (with an all black back) in the 70s.The (true) « Blueberry » bezel appear to have the same features (font style/size and all color back). It is very likely that Rolex did some tests with this blue bezel as they often did back then. They most likely finally choose the black as a better fit. That would also explain why some claim the « Blueberry » came exclusively from a service (and test) center and were never sold to public or did not appear in Rolex brochures. That does not make these prototypes less attractive or rare!

Serial:   4,0xx,xxx (1975)

Dial: the presented timepiece is from the 3rd dial generation with smaller round indexes positioned closer to the center of the dial. It is called the « radial » configuration providing an impression of depth. For many collectors this immediately recognizable dial is the most desirable. The red big arrow hand – another feature of the « Blueberry » configuration – is popping in the middle of the yellow tritium index and enhancing the color contrast.

Case:  super thick and does not hint any signs of polishing history. Case back « 1675 » is original.

Bezel: all blue « blueberry » bezel with an all blue back with an alignment hole. Font styles/size match exactly the black bezel of the mid 70s including the triangle style.

Mouvement: mint condition Valjoux 1570, manual winding.

Bracelet:  Rolex jubilee bracelet 6251H, 55 end links, slightly later clasp 1 70.

Box & Papers: none.



1970 introduced the black bezel on the 1675 GMT.

People often like the GMT for its colors. Patina contrasting with sober dial & bezel is proving more powerful on the eye!