UNIVERSAL GENEVE « Compax » type ref.22508

Universal Geneve (UG) was founded in 1894 and became a pioneer in the manufacturing of chronograph movements popular in the 1920/30s. UG is recognized for its aesthetic diversity, with a large array of case and dial designs.

Understanding the references: The first digit refers to the case material (‘2’ for stainless steel). The second digit is the level of complication (‘2’ here represents chronograph). The third digit indicates the size of the caliber (‘5’ in this case for the caliber 287). The fourth and fifth digits at the end, ‘0’ & ‘8’ in this example, relate to the case style and design.

Serial: 790691 (1938)

Dial: absolutely stunning dial with the immaculate white background contrasting so well with the thin black painted graphics and the turquoise blue telemeter scale. Original thin black hands contribute to the elegance of the watch and respond to the delicate painted arabic numerals.

Case: impressive of sharpness featuring an ultramodern 37mm diameter which was probably enormous at the time of production. Most likely unpolished.

Caliber: 287 UG.

Bracelet: leather bracelet with original Universal Geneve buckle.

Box & paper: none.

The watch is perfectly running while we write those lines. We all wish we would look so sharp after 80 years – the watch has a fantastic presence and elegance on the wrist.

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